Taylor Hill Boxers

Boxer Breeder of show and companion puppies.  We will strive to breed beautiful intelligent healthy Boxers and always trying to improve our lines.  

Our names are Dan, Dicksy, Bryan and Scott Colwell.   Taylor Hill Boxers was established in 2003.  Our story begins when we would visit our friends at Willow Wood Kennel and visit the Alerissa Boxers.  We would go to visit each new litter to see their puppies.  Then in 2003 we went to see Destiny's litter of puppies and Shocker captured our hearts.  Shocker went home with us and changed our lives forever.  

Shocker was intended to be just our new companion and a part of our family but then with encourgement from our friends and believing that Shocker was exceptional, we began showing in AKC and UKC.  Shocker was ranked number 3 in UKC for 2005 and is pointed in AKC.  We also began showing in the agility ring in AKC.  A game that Shocker totally enjoyed.  He was our first Boxer and the one we began learning about the fun and excitement of showing.

After Shocker entered our lives we decided to have another Boxer and that is when Jasmine entered our lives.  When Shocker sired a beautiful litter of puppies with Bailey from Sugar Creek Boxers we were captured by Andy.  Andy was so beautiful and showed so much potential that we decided that we would take him.  Andy was ranked number 5 in the top ten Boxers in 2007 and is AKC pointed.   Along came Phoenix from a litter of Shocker and our Jasmine.  Phoenx is also pointed in AKC.   And now from our good friend Rhonda Eperly  of Special K Boxers we have added a new addition to our family, Rainy a beautiful girl in which we have high hopes for in the AKC ring.  

We have made so many new friends from our interest of showing our boxers.  It is hard to believe that one little boxer puppy could change our life so much.

We are members of the Scott County Kennel Club, Midwest Boxer Club and the Cedar Valley Boxer Club.

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